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Description of McAfee Family Protection

Do you ever wonder what your kids are browsing on the Internet?

Do you want to keep them from looking at inappropriate content?

Now you can have Parental Control over the content that kids browse.

McAfee Family Protection provides parental control and filters websites by categories such as 'drugs', ‘gambling’, ‘sex’ and many others. It protects your kids from viewing inappropriate content so you can be worry-free knowing that your kid's mobile lifestyle is now protected.

To keep your kid from circumventing the application, Family Protection supports Google Chrome and Stock Browser. So, if your child downloads other mobile browsers, Family Protection will block them and stop them from running.

Family Protection also has un-install protection built-in to prevent your kid from deleting the application. Family Protection is now a Device Admin application so that admin credentials are needed to deactivate the same. Users can now use Uninstall feature added within MFP to ease uninstallation process by providing valid admin credentials.

With McAfee Family Protection, you can have peace of mind knowing that they are not surfing for something they are not supposed to.

Currently compatible with Android 4.03, 4.04, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 5.0, 5.1 and 6.0


1) This trial protects your child from inappropriate content for 30 days. After the trial, you may purchase it at

2) App is device administrator enabled. To uninstall, first disable device administrator

a) Go to Settings/Security/Device administrators

b) Deselect Family Protection and provide the admin credentials to disable device administrator

c) Go to Settings/Apps

d) Select Family Protection and click Uninstall

3) Uninstall feature from app

a) Go to Family Protection app

b) From menu select Uninstall option

c) Provide valid admin credentials

d) Click ok to uninstall

4) Enable Accessibility Settings (New Feature)

a) Go to Settings

b) Select Accessibility setting

c) Select Family Protection

d) Turn on the Accessibility Setting

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